zondag 3 mei 2015

Chanel Collection Méditerranée Lumière d'été Illuminating powder

Yesterday I did some shopping and FINALLY found Chanel Collection Méditerranée Lumière d'été Illuminating powder. Review and swatches are coming soon. For now, enjoy the pictures of this beauty! 

Description according chanel.com
Embossed with a lush camellia blossom, this golden-bronze powder adds sun-kissed radiance to the complexion, eyes and décolleté. From COLLECTION MÉDITERRANÉE.

I'm wearing Chanel Collection Méditerranée Lumière d'été Illuminating powder on my cheeks as a bronzer/contour.

Untill next time! 


zaterdag 18 april 2015

Mac Whisper of Gilt Dupe

I remember the time how I screamed at a Mac counter when I finally found very famous MAC Whisper of Guilt Extra dimension highlighter from MAC Glamour Daze collection and found out that it was the last one!  I did not think that this higlighter was going to be that famous.

Initailly, I bought it because I wanted to use it as an eyeshadow when I despearately was looking for MAC Blonde's gold pigment, which turned out to be permanent.. And no.. this is not the dupe I am going to write about. However this is also a very close dupe.

  Left: Mac Blonde's gold pigment . Right:  Mac Whisper of Guilt

Also when I was in Italy I swatched an Kiko Water eyeshadow in 208 - Light Gold, which also was a dead on dupe for MAC Whisper of Guilt. But I did not pick that because I already found a cheaper alternative.

The cheaper and most accessible dupe for Mac Whisper  of guilt is : Catrice - we are the champagnes eyeshadow.

Left: Catrice - we are the champagnes. Right: Mac Whisper of Guilt

                           Left:Mac Whisper of Guilt. Right: Catrice - we are the champagnes

The only difference I noticed between these two is that MAC one is more finely mild and feels a little bit smoother. Pigmentation wise, Catrice - we are the champagnes eyeshadow is more pigmented, in my opinion.

Left:Catrice - we are the champagnes. Middle :  Mac Blonde's gold pigment. Right: Mac Whisper of Guilt

Left:Catrice - we are the champagnes. Middle :  Mac Blonde's gold pigment. Right: Mac Whisper of Guilt

So, if you think that you missed on MAC Whisper of Guilt and trying to buy in on ebay for ridicilous high amount of money, just give Catrice - We are the champagnes eyeshadow a try! 

MAC Whisper of Guilt : 27,50 for  9 grams of product. Sold out LE
Kiko Water eyeshadow in 208 - Light Gold - 8,90 for 3 grams of product at kikocosmetics.eu
Catrice - we are the champagnes:  € 3,99 for 3grams of product at Kruidvat & Trekpleister

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zondag 15 mei 2011

Mac Lipstick Army

This is my MAC lipstick collection.. Most of them are Limited Edition.

From left to right:

- Flash'n dash from Fafi collection
- Petals & Peacocks from Liberty of London collection
- Cute Ster from Hello Kitty collection
- Victorian from Spring Colour Forecast collection
- Lazy Day from To the Beach collection
- Lady Gaga I from From Our Lips collection
- Gladiola from Dame Edna collection
- Brave New Bronze from Style Warrior collection
- I Like It Like That from In The Groove collection
- Hollywood Nights from Heatherette collection
- Pink Nouveau (Permanent)

L-R; Brave new Bronze(satin), Cute ster (lustre),Lazy day(lustre), Victorian (frost),Lady Gaga(lustre),I like it like that(creemscheen),Pink Nouveau(satin), Hollywood nights(satin), Gladiola(matte), Petals& Peacocks(amplified), Flash 'n Dash(glaze) 

w/o flash

Swatches in the same order

w flash

My Top 5 Favorites:

#1 Gladiola : it is my go to" going out "lipstick; it stays all day long and it is such a pretty purpley pink colour, very similair to Petals & Pecocks ,but different texture
#2 Lazy day : it is the only "nude-ish" colour that suits me, without making me look like I am dead
#3 Pink nouveau: perfect every day mid tone pink
#4 Hollywood nights: it is very vibrant, hot pink
#5 Lady Gaga I : very famous Lady Gaga I , light,milky pink

What is your Favorite Mac lipstick?

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